This page has over 100 ideas
to get a little extra cash.



The ideas below are in 12 separate sections. If some of these sections aren’t for you, just skip ahead to the next section.

Your situation is 100% unique and the only way you are going to make $100 is to ignore the ideas that aren’t right for you. Even if 75% of the ideas in this document are completely useless for you, that still leaves 25 ideas for you to consider for making $100!

Your money-making project will only be as successful as you make it – so if you’re serious about making $100, then get serious about making $100!



First, Two Ideas To NEVER Try…


Before getting going, here are two big ideas that we thoroughly discourage you from ever trying. Aside from being just plain wrong, they are also lousy ways to make $100:

NON-recommended Idea #1: Stealing – Don’t steal. Ever. Sure, it’s illegal and immoral, but it is also not sustainable. Even if you don’t get caught and pay penalties (leaving you poorer than you started), you’ll still be short of cash again as soon as you’ve spent the $100!! Why not figure out a way to make $100 legitimately and repeatably instead? Stealing is 100% not recommended to make $100 – it is lazy, evil, and doesn’t even work!

NON-recommended Idea #2: Organized crime – Likewise, purposefully doing things that are illegal is 100% not recommended for making $100. If you ever decide to try illegal things to make money, the chances are good that you’ll end up in worse condition than you started. How dumb is that??

Seriously, just forget about theft/crime. It is important to mention this right away to get these ideas completely out of the way. Not a single idea listed below in this document in any way suggests the use of theft or crime. We want to be super clear about this right away! The goal of is to help you find ways to make $100, then another $100, and enough $100’s so that you’re never short on cash again – NOT to give you a quick ticket to jail (or worse!)

So, let’s get on to the list of ways to legitimately and reliably ending up with an extra $100 in your jeans.





100 Ways to $100


How to Make $100 –> Tell a Great Joke

This is no joke – tell a joke worthy of publication in Reader’s Digest, you’ll collect $100 for your troubles. Not a bad way to earn $$$!

The Reader’s Digest Joke Submission Page ( describes their process as follows: “Everybody’s got a funny story. What’s yours? Send us a joke, quote or a funny true story and you may see it published on or in Reader’s Digest Magazine.If your joke is selected for the magazine, you will be paid $100(Bonus!)

How to Make $100 –> Ask For It


The quickest way to $100 is simply to ask for it. If you never ask, you’ll never receive. In the long term, asking for $ is likely the worst way to proceed, but it doesn’t hurt to mention the options.


1. Street Begging – Put on some ratty clothes, look at the ground a lot, and see what happens.

2. Creative Street Begging – Make a creative sign, craft a witty one-liner, or otherwise get people on the street to give you spare change. (note: this is a way better idea than #1)

3. Online Donations – Anyone can ask their online community for a donation and see what happens, whether you’re a legitimate charity, community organization, or just some kid hoping for a quick buck. Don’t lie about who you are, since that’s wrong. Just ask people to donate to you.

Most websites that try this technique will get virtually or literally no money via donations. However, the sites that do get money can get big amounts of money. It all depends on what kind of angle you develop or how many people see the plea for cash.

How it Works:

Setting yourself up to receive donations is remarkably easy. The hard part is getting people to actually donate.

From a technical standpoint, set-up is as easy as 1-2-3

1. install the code on your website (see below for details)

2. instruct visitors how they can donate, why they should do so (remember, be honest…)

3. collect the money in your account and do whatever you want with it.

If you’re interested in actually getting people to donate, the following tips may be helpful:

  • Fraud is illegal. If you say donations will be used for one thing, then turn around and do something else, you’d better have a good lawyer or an international hide-out. If you’re simply looking for a few extra bucks for personal use, be sure to say so.
  • Use a trusted, secure donation service (see below.) This reduces visitors’ fear of getting scammed.
  • Let potential donors know what their money will go toward. Be as specific as you can without getting pedantic or dishonest. For example, “I need $100 to pay for my dog Sparky’s vet bill.”
  • The people who visit your site may well be turned off by a donation option. Try this option at your social peril.

Important Partners:

My favorite option is offered through Paypal. Paypal is trusted, secure, and easy to install on your site. Just follow the easy instructions for creating a button from inside your PayPal account.


Make $100: Earn the $100

This is by far the most reliable way to make $100. Nothing puts $100 in your jeans like creating $100 worth of VALUE and then collecting on it.

If you can’t do something someone else would be willing to pay $100 for (or, something 100 people would be willing to each pay $1 for, something 20 people $5 for, etc.), don’t expect to make $100. The point here is to do something someone else would pay for.

These are all low-key ways to make $100 that are way less formal than starting a “real business,” but they depend on you to do something useful for someone else.

1. Hold a Bake Sale filled with impulse-buy items like pieces of cake, cookies, rolls, tarts, etc. Target people with a craving who are willing to spend a little dough on a tasty treat.

2. Mow Neighborhood Lawns – Look for homes owned by people who don’t have teenage kids. Or, look around for houses with long grass, since they obviously don’t have time to cut it themselves.

3. Babysit for Friends & Neighbors – Responsible young adults have been making milkshake money this way for decades. Talk to parents you know and let them know you’re available for babysitting, then see if they call. Make a small business card with your name, number, and the name of your babysitting service (just make up a name) and you’ll be much more likely to get calls into the future. If you are rude or irresponsible, don’t be surprised if no-one trusts you to watch their kids.

4. Start a Driveway-Based Car Washing Service – Taking a car to a car wash costs $3 to well over $100, depending on the type of wash. Some car owners like doing this, but most don’t. Take note of which neighbors don’t have a clean car and offer to clean it for them in their own driveway. If your price is equal or less than what they’d pay at the car wash, plus they get to sit in their living room while you work, you’ll have a repeat customer before you can can say “easy money.”

5. Start a Snow-Shoveling Service – People love to pay others for a job they could do themselves but just don’t feel like doing. It makes them feel aristocratic, generous, and so on. So cash in the next time it snows. Plan on shoveling numerous houses for $5-10 each. Within an hour or three you should easily have $100. Or, split the work & earnings with a friend for a more enjoyable experience.

6. Help Strangers Move – Be the person who moves boxes and helps run errands on moving day. Advertise on a local bulletin board or online marketplace. If you’re not strong, make sure you say that you can’t lift the heaviest objects (fridges, stoves, etc.) before starting. Price your services below whatever the local professional moving companies charge. Plan on having most jobs happening as one month shifts to another.

7. Participate in Clinical Trials – Health researchers are frequently looking for test subjects for new research projects. Fully understand the risks before you sign up for anything, though, since your health is at stake.

8. Start a Taxi Service for the Elderly – Older people who aren’t able to drive themselves around will really appreciate this if you price appropriately. Offer to drive them to things like health appointments, church, the store, or Tuesday night bridge. If you need to wait around for periods of time while they do whatever they’re doing (having a health appointment, playing bridge, etc.), bring along a book or homework if you’re a student. Setting up regular appointments (like weekly plans) makes this easy to manage. Give people a fair deal, be a trustworthy person, and the chances are you’ll find a regular customer. The chances are also good that you’ll meet interesting people with good stories and something they can teach you.

9. Get a Paper Route – This is the oldest trick in the book. It involves being punctual and reliable, but is otherwise a piece of cake. The side benefit of getting a paper route is that you won’t need a gym membership. Plus, it’s a good way to prospect clients for some of the other ideas in this section like mowing lawns and washing cars.

10. Deliver Food – Pizzas, chicken, Indian food… Anything people order out to eat needs to be delivered by someone. If you don’t want this to be a regular job, just go to the owner of a non-chain restaurant (a locally owned corner restaurant) and offer to help during peak hours (likely supper time) or on days with special events (like the Superbowl.) The wages are typically low, but if you’re friendly, the tips can be really good. In a dense urban environment, you can probably find a place to do this 100% on foot or bicycle.

11. Walk People’s Dogs – Find people who have a dog but do not have many people in the house, then offer to take their dog for walks for a small fee. The chances are good that they don’t have time to walk the dog as much as the dog wants to be walked. Negotiate the length of walk (make it on the long side), then figure out if you can set up a regular schedule (like every day at __ o’clock). A good side benefit for you again is that you can likely cancel your gym membership.

12. Special Event Helper – Look for unusual events in your community (town fairs, once-a-year sporting events, niche conventions, etc.) and then chances are good that someone will need a spare hand. Talk to the organizers (or the facility that’s hosting the event) and you’ll likely end up with a day’s worth of work. Since these events often happen on weekends or in the evening, it fits into most people’s schedules.

13. Collect Cans & Bottles – Keep your eyes open for items with an environmental levy on them like empty beer containers. Check your local incentives before getting started with this one, as incentives vary from place to place. If dumpster diving or sorting through people’s trash isn’t your thing (or if it isn’t legal), go hunting at special events like a good local baseball game, outdoor concert or beach. Alternately, set up your own recycling container and let people put their empties right into your collection station, so long as that’s legal.

14. Be a Pet-Sitter – People with pets go on vacation too, and their pets need to be looked after. While there are professional kennels and pet hotels for people to choose from, there’s an opportunity if you can offer a lower price or if you can take care of the pet at its own home. A few dollars a day to check up on the neighbor’s kitty’s is a pretty good deal if you can get it. Handing out your homemade business card for this service will help the neighbors remember you the next time they’re leaving town for a few days.

15. Start a Tutoring Service – If you were good at math and science in particular, you’ll have no trouble finding parents who need a hand helping their kids master concepts they’re having difficulty learning in school. If you can demonstrate expertise (like having a university degree in the subject), that’ll help too. Students need help with reading, writing, history, and other subjects too, so just about any subject is a possibility.

16. Sell Hot Chocolate – Find a public event on a frosty fall or winter day, set up your stand, and watch your earnings flow.

17. Become a Caterer’s Assistant – Find a local special event like a town fair or festival and talk to local food vendors about helping out for the day. They’ll need help with things like serving, dishwashing, setting tables, and so on since their normal staff won’t be able to handle the special event rush.

18. Participate in Democracy – The next time there’s an election, find out how to become one of the temporary workers needed to make the event work. It typically involves having one 12-14 hour day that pays extraordinarily well. Understandably, there are a lot of people who want to cash in on these events, so talk to your local elections officials now to get your name on the list before everyone else does. As a side benefit, you’ll never look at democracy the same way again after you see who all shows up to vote.

19. Find Buyers for Your Junk – Everyone has junk in their basement, attic, or garage. Find buyers through local bulletin boards or online marketplaces like Kijiji. Price your items slightly above their true value and then lower the prices until your stuff disappears. It takes effort to find the right buyer at the right price, but the chances are very good that you can make $100 selling stuff you otherwise would never use again.

20. Hold a Garage Sale – Different than the previous suggestion, it has obvious similarities. The perk of holding a garage sale is that you can squeeze in extra items like baked goods or neighborhood services (like pet-sitting or tutoring services) that you otherwise would have to work to advertise. Sharing a garage sale with several neighbors is a good way to increase the number of people who’ll come through to buy your services.


How to Make $100 –> Earn it as a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers are hired by businesses to shop at their own stores undercover. The mystery shoppers then report back to the businesses, telling what they found, what they thought, and most importantly how the employees were. By getting these reports, businesses can keep tabs on their individual stores and employees, rewarding the ones that are doing a good and fixing the ones that aren’t.

Mystery shopping can fit into a normal person’s life quite easily, since the terms and hours are usually quite flexible.

1.Mystery Shopping with – Mystery shopping includes in-store, telephone, and online shopping. There is weekly payment and the option of receiving payment by direct deposit or PayPal. likes to call this “corporate research” or “auditing.” The sign-up page is here:

2. Mystery Shopping with – Mystery shopping with a Better Business Bureau listed company. Explore here:

3. Mystery Shopping Elsewhere – Do a Google search for “mystery shopping” and you’ll find many extra options to consider.






How to Make $100 –> Earn it from Home on the Phone

Many businesses need many people with good conversation skills to answer the phone, but they do not want to fill a large building with people to do this (since buildings are expensive and need to be managed). Also, they do not want to hire people from a foreign country, as it is ideal when the company’s customers and the company’s phone people all share a similar culture.

As a result, more and more businesses are hiring home-based phone help. This may seem odd to you, but the chances are excellent that if you’ve called into a business’s customer service line lately that the person you were speaking with was at their home and wearing pajamas. You thought they were in an office because they spoke clearly and could answer your questions, but that is no indicator of where they actually were.

If you don’t like the work, you can also quit after trying it. Of course, be sure you read the contract before starting…

1. Customer Care with – Alpine serves Fortune 500 brand-conscious companies. They’ve been operating with the home-based model for over a decade. Here’s their website:

2. Cloud Contact with – LiveOps has been awarded as a top teleservices agency plus boasts the largest virtual services community in the U.S.A. More information here:

3. Home-Based Options with – Offering work to the U.K., Canada and U.S.A., Arise is yet another opportunity to trade your time at home for extra $. Explore Arise here:

4. Home-Based Communications with – Another award-winning agency for connecting people with time to organizations with needs (and money.) Start here:


How to Make $100 –> Earn it by Selling Your Ideas as Merchandise

Every time you see some kid wearing a t-shirt with a sports logo or musician on it, you’re seeing evidence of someone else selling merchandise. Or, some regular Joe’s $3 profit.

This could be your $3 profit, over and over again. Learning how to do this is surprisingly easy, especially when leveraging new online partners to help you on your way. This is easy money, but most people are too chicken to benefit.

Merchandise includes things like logo’d t-shirts, pens, mugs, mousepads, books, etc. Anything that people buy (like a t-shirt or wad of paper) that suddenly becomes “yours” as soon as your logo or novel get printed on it.

Luckily, making these things is unbelievably easy these days, and nearly risk-free too. New online partners like CafePress and now allow you to print merchandise as the orders come in, meaning that you can set up a store without any costs, since no real merchandise is created until it has actually sold.

These partners have production and delivery capabilities that combine with your ideas with a functioning online store in almost no time. Setup is as easy as 1-2-3:

1.You turn your ideas into a suite of customized products and place them in your “store”

2.You send mobs of eager traffic to the store, or strangers on find your store online

3.You collect cheques after someone else does all the hard work

The main dangers involved with selling merchandise are twofold:

1.Wasting your time setting up a store no-one will buy from. Either people won’t like your stuff or not enough people will see your store.

2.Wasting money setting up a store no-one will buy from. If you set up your own 100% custom website through a host like GoDaddy, you’ll have several costs to get going. However, if you choose a free store option from the list included below, you won’t have to worry about losing money…

So, here’s a quick list of some great online partners that offer free stores for converting your ideas into easy-to-sell merchandise:


1. Convert Ideas into T-Shirts with – You’ll sell as many t-shirts as you’re clever enough to sell. CafePress is one of the top destinations for customers and micro-sellers in the world. Go here to start:

2. Convert Ideas into Stuff with – You’ll sell as many clothes, mugs, babyware, cutting boards, bags, aprons and coasters as you’re clever enough to sell. Get started here:

3. Convert Ideas into Stuff with – You’ll sell as many books (electronic and/or print) as you’re clever enough to sell. Got an idea for a cookbook, photo book, novel, non-fiction reference, or collection of short stories that people would buy? Learn all about it here:

4. Convert Ideas into Stuff with Zazzle – Once again, if you can imagine what people want to buy, this online service allows you to quickly make it happen. Zazzle includes selling business cards, t-shirts, shoes, and much more. Go here for details:

How to Make $100 –> Earn by Tweeting, Blogging & Being Social

Like it or not, many of the supposedly impartial consumer reviews and recommendations you’ve read for various products and services are actually paid reviews. You can capitalize on this by talking about just about any topic through a great marketplace that connects buyers (businesses who want to generate “buzz” around whatever they’re doing) and sellers (people who are willing to talk about that subject online.)

Sellers are typically paid a set amount per number of mentions or types of actions. Buyers can hire you to give positive, neutral, or even negative reviews. Strange, but true.

Depending on your preferred method of talking about a product, here are three options for putting cash in your jeans:

1. Yak it up on Your Blog – Write a post on a specific topic and collect the cash later. The more popular your blog is, the more $ you can command for each post. More info here:

2. Yak it up on Twitter – Tweet on a topic and get paid to do it. Believe it not, this is how the world works. So why not profit from it? More info here:

3. Monetize your Photos – Follow the instructions at Staree, use your social media account, and collect the cash. This is unbelievable to someone who doesn’t understand today’s social media business environment, but the cash they’ll pay you to do this is real. More info here:


How to Make $100 –> Earn it with Online Ads

These may be the best options in this entire list of 100. It has been proven to work very well for lots and lots and lots of people. The top 10 options for doing this yourself are listed below.

Since all 10 of these options are very similar in concept, they will simply be listed below without individual explanation. Instead, a general overview of the topic will be given here that explains the gist of all 10 options at once.

Businesses all over the world are trying to get consumers’ attention and get their message in front of an audience. In the offline world, this includes magazines, TV, radio spots, etc. In the online world, a major part of this is any website with an audience, which means you and your website. Or, a website you are about to start.

To make their lives easier, these businesses go to a major advertising broker so they can sell a bunch of ads across a large network of good websites (as opposed to signing advertising contracts with hundreds or millions of individual websites one by one, which would be an administrative nightmare.) The biggest brokers are listed in the group of 10 below.

These brokers then need websites to place their ads on, which is where you come in.

By adding a small piece of code to your website or blog, major brokers can display ads on your website for as long as the code is left untouched. Once the ads are there, there are 3 main methods by which you can get paid for having these ads:

1) CPM (cost per mil / cost per thousand / cost per impression) – Every time an ad gets displayed 1000 times, you get paid the agreed amount. This can be good for very high traffic websites.

2) CPC (cost per click) – Every time a visitor clicks on an ad, you get paid the agreed amount. This can be good for a high traffic website or a site on a niche topic where visitors are likely to click on ads for more information.

3) CPA (cost per acquisition) – Every time a visitor buys an item on another site after getting there directly from your website, you get paid the agreed amount or % of revenue. This can be really lucrative or result in little revenue, depending on your niche and the likelihood of people buying something.

The best thing to do is try different models, let each system run for a set amount of time and then see which model produces the best results.

By far the easiest and best system to get started with is Google’s Adsense program. Sign-up should take less than 5 minutes, and you can have ads on your site in as little as 10 minutes. Plus, its free, trustworthy, user-friendly, and has a large number of people buying ads through it (so the ads on your site will likely be relevant to your content.)


So, here are the top options for earning $100 by selling ads:

1. Google Adsense:

2. Microsoft Advertising PubCenter:

3. Chitika:

4. DoubleClick:

5. Casale Media:

6. Blog Ads:

7. Cox Digital:

8. Grok Ads:

9. Advertising:

10. Indeed:

11. Clicksor:

12. Value Click Media:

13. Tribal Fusion:


There are three bonus options in here just because there are so many good partners to choose from. The quality of this opportunity for making $100 cannot be overstated. It is really awesome.


How to Make $100 –> Earn it by Programming

For some people, whipping up a computer program is as easy as blinking or eating breakfast. Yet, few of these people are making any money at it since they don’t know how to turn their abilities into cash.

Fortunately, it is way easier to make money off of neat programs now than it used to be. If you can come up with an application or computer program that would make people’s lives easier or more fun, the chances are good that you can sell it.

Here are three ways to make this happen easily:

1. Develop a Piece of Downloadable Computer Software and Sell it Through an Online Service that Handles all the Details – Here is one such place to sell your forthcoming masterpiece:

2. Develop a Piece of Software and Sell it Yourself Ask For It – This requires more eCommerce setup, but allows you to keep a larger share of the revenue. To help you market the software, consider a software marketing option like Promosoft:

3. Develop an Ap for New Mobile and Tablet Devices like an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android Device – This is a booming industry with 1,000’s of useful aps that have not yet been written. Unlike programming for conventional computers, this field is under rapid development and it is still pretty easy to create something with a high sales potential. Also, since these devices are relatively primitive in terms of procession power and user interface, programs can be pretty simple yet still effective.


How to Make $100 –> Earn it by Taking Surveys

Market researchers are constantly trying to figure out what “the masses” want. As a living, breathing person, your opinion qualifies as a part of that information. Various companies offer paid surveys, partly because very few people are willing to take a survey for free these days. So, why not cash in on the trend and get paid to tell a company what you think?

If you have an opinion and a few spare minutes, this is an easy way to put money in your jeans.

Here are a few places to get started:

1. American Consumer Opinion – 100% online surveys let you provide your opinion from home. They even have a monthly prize for being part of the system. Believe it or not, companies really do pay for this type of market research. Start here:

2. MySurvey – Lots of prizes, rewards, points, and so on. If you invite your friends to join, you’re eligible for a bonus too. Begin here:

3. SurveySavvy – Again, a mixture of incentives and programs just for telling companies what you think or what you wish companies would do. Here’s their home page:


How to Make $100 –> Earn it Using Affiliate Programs

Why not become a middleman? Someone really doesn’t do very much, but who collects $ just for introducing people?

Affiliate programs are just that. They are basically the same concept as lead-generation or being a sales person, except that you neither close the sale nor create the product. The only value you need to provide is to connect a prospective buyer to someone else’s store. Once you’ve made the connection, you get out of the way and let the business take care of all the hard work.

With the right fit (you need to find the right kind of affiliate program), this can be an easy addition to your life that pays cash for doing little personal work.

Large numbers of suppliers and Internet retailers (who are trying to sell more stuff) realize that, even if they pay you a percentage of the cost of an item they’ve got stocked, it’s still in their best interest to make a sale and pay you a sales commission than to make no sale at all. So, even if they pay you $20 on a $100 camera sale, they still get $80, which is still a better deal for them than getting $0.

In order to organize this demand, large “affiliate programs” have been set up to accommodate the sale of just about any item imaginable. As a result, its quite easy for you to get started.

In your search for an affiliate program, look for one or several that offer ease of use, products that fit who you are or markets you can easily access, and a payment model that maximizes profits. For quickly introducing yourself to the principles and common issues surrounding affiliate programs, play around with the Amazon Associates program first and then consider moving on to the other programs.

There are many thousands of online affiliate programs, but here are few good ones to look at first:

1. Amazon – Sell virtually anything. Amazon carries a lot more than just books, CDs and movies. Here’s the starting page for their affiliate program:

2. iTunes – Know anyone who buys and/or rents music, TV shows, games, audio books, podcasts, or documentaries? Then why aren’t you getting in on the action and getting paid every time they use Apple’s store? Start here:

2. Google Affiliate Network – Google has entered the affiliate scene more recently, offering an excellent option for affiliate marketers. Google’s world class payment process and trust-factor make GAN (Google Affiliate Network) a must-try. Start here:

4. LinkShare – Less glamorous than the previous two options, this is another opportunity with a wide variety of products & services for sale. More info here:

5. Zanox – Want to choose from over 3000 companies? Give them a try:

6. Commission Junction – Perhaps the largest, most popular affiliate program anywhere, CJ has one of the widest selections of partner companies available. It is also easy to work with CJ from start (choosing partners and easily marketing them) to finish (getting paid.) Once you get involved here, you may never look elsewhere. Details here:

7. ShareASale – Real time reporting on your referrals with over 2500 merchants to choose from. ShareASale has also won several industry awards. You can check them out here:

8. ClickBank – Another easy-to-use engine for turning referrals and recommendations into cash. This 5-step explanation really makes it easy to understand and get started:

9. Agoda – Know someone about to travel? Why not recommend a hotel and take a cut of the deal? With over 150,000 hotels to choose from, this is something anyone can do. Info here:

10. GreatSkin – Know people with an interest in cosmetics? Why not get in on the action? Here is one of many affiliate programs for skin and beauty products:

11. Find Your Own Green Affiliate Program – Don’t like any of the options above? Passionate about the environment? Then look here for scores of green affiliate programs in categories like appliances, air purifiers, baby products, cosmetics, health food, green investing, pet supplies, vitamins, and organics. Lots of great opportunities in here:



How to Make $100 –> Find It

Rather than concentrating on earning $100 or saving $100, why not just find it?

The trick is knowing where to look. Looking the wrong spot is an easy way to waste time and get frustrated. Looking in the right spots, over time, will add up with minimal effort.

1. Car wash Vacuum Cleaners – All those people who suck up dirt and leaves from the interiors of their cars are also sucking up stray coins. Many car wash vacuum cleaners have a removable bucker on the bottom that collects the dirt over the course of the day. For a busy car wash, there’ll be a regular supply of coins on a daily basis, right in the “garbage” that would otherwise be thrown out. Luckily, being at a car wash, it’s easy to clean the coins in no time. The odd bill will show up in the vacuums too, even $20’s on occasion.

2. Sofas in Public Places – Forget trying to find coins in your own couch; that trick only works once. Public seating areas, however, are constantly being stocked with fresh coins from the public’s pockets. For best results, look in neighborhoods where there aren’t any street people or others who will already be scanning the sofas for quarters.

3. Around Vending Machines – People are dropping coins all the time, particularly in places where they’re hurried, like outdoor machines in winter. You’ll need an advantage over the people who dropped the coins themselves, so take a 1 to 2 foot stick or pulling device like a bendable coat hanger. This will allow you to reach under machines or into cracks that the average person can’t reach. Never try getting coins out of the machines themselves, as this is criminal and a really easy way to get crushed.



How to Make $100 –> Save Money

This section is the largest and least popular section of this list, but it is also by far the most effective. Sad but true. Or, awesome and true, depending on your outlook and how much you actually need that $100.

There are many reasons why saving is awesome, but here are two of the best ones:

1. Saving is long-term – The reason you need $100 today is found in your past. Last week, last month, or maybe last decade, things happened that made you really need $100 today. If you learn to save now, the chances you’ll be short $100 next week, next month, or next decade will be drastically reduced. This point cannot be overstated: Having $100 in your jeans is not simply a function of earning or finding $100. It is a function of having $100 MORE THAN YOU ALREADY SPENT. Most people avoid this truth because they realize that needing $100 is their own d*mn fault, which takes adult responsibility. But, by reducing your expenses and facing reality, you’ll have a spare $100 over and over and over again. Simple but true.

2. Savings aren’t taxed – For every $100 you earn, you only end up getting to spend a fraction of that. Why? Because taxes eat up income like crazy. Depending on where you live and your personal situation, every $100 you earn may only end up only getting you $50 worth of spending power. In other words, you have to earn $200 to end up with that $100 of stuff you wanted in the first place. Taxes make earning $100 harder than it looks. BUT, if you reduce your spending by $100, you will end up with precisely $100 left in your pocket. It’s a 1:1 ratio. Saving $100 is often much easier and faster than earning or finding $100.

Of course, your life is your own, and only you know how much savings can help your situation. That’s why this list has over 100 ideas in it – even if half of the list doesn’t suit you, you’re left with 50+ ideas to think about. If you can’t make $100 after seeing dozens of half-decent ideas suitable to your own situation, well, good luck with life…  You’re gonna need it! :)

One important note about savings is that you need to keep track of what’s happening. If you start saving $$ but don’t track it, that $100 will just disappear into other expenses. To make saving $$ work, you’ve got to record how much you’ve saved and commit to not blowing it on junk. Better yet, put your savings into coins or bills and stash it away in a separate container. Don’t use a piggy bank if that makes you feel silly, but that’s the general idea. Dropping in $2 here, $7 there, and $0.50 there adds up in a hurry, but only if you keep that $0.50 out of your pocket before you can blow it on gum or a bevy.

1. Get a Free Library Card – Got an insatiable thirst for novelty and information? Quench this thirst with a library card instead of your wallet. You can still buy items for your personal library later on (items you’ve checked out of the library 3 times), but 90% of the stuff you buy or think you want you’ll never end up reading/watching /using again. Educating yourself doesn’t have to make you poor. Most libraries will charge you a few bucks for a card, but if you cite “financial constraints”, they’ll give it to you for free. Also, most libraries have “inter-library loans”, so that even the smallest suburban branches have access to a huge collection. Fulfill your need for information, advice, and how-to on the public’s tab. Reserve best-sellers or TV series online. Libraries have almost everything you can imagine. Monthly Savings: $200 or more.

2. Cut Your TV Package and 2 Cell Phone Features – Cutting your cable or satellite TV package will have a dramatic effect on your life – you’ll have more free time, more energy, plus you’ll be smarter and happier. Its true. To rebalance your life, explore Internet videos and a local library. Cutting the most useless features on your phone package is also something you won’t miss. Endless voicemail, bundled text messages, the data package you never use… these can all turn into $’s you can use on marketing your new business or something else way more fun. Monthly Savings: $50-150

3. Drop Your Land Line & Long Distance Packages – Get Skype for all long distance calls, get a Skype phone number or mailbox, encourage regular contacts to install Skype as well (so your conversations become free), buy a $30 headset, and chuck your landline for good. Keep your cell phone “in case of emergency”, having people call you to take advantage of free incoming minutes. You will never look back. Monthly Savings: $50-$100

4. Lower Your Rent – If you can’t afford where you’re living or working, move somewhere $200/month cheaper. Pretty straight-forward, eh? Monthly Savings: $200+

5. Drive an Older Car and Live Close to Where You Work – Daily commuting costs an incredible amount of time and money – something often only visible once you’ve stopped doing it. 25 minutes to get to work… $75 gas… Arrangements to get the oil changed… $400 car payment… Instead, buy an older import with minimal depreciation that does at least 40 MPG (plenty of early 90’s import compacts do this, contrary to the implication of new car companies), move to within walking distance of your daily destinations, and park your car. Rent a car for that once a year trip where reliability matters. If you’re trying to impress people with your automobile, impress them with stories of the foreign excursions you took with the money you saved instead. Monthly Savings: $500+.

6. Drink Water for Lunch – ($2-$10 per day) times (20 working days per month) = $40 to $200. Simple math. Plus likely better for your health. Monthly Savings: $40-$200

7. Brew Your Own Coffee – Brewing your own coffee costs almost nothing. Compare that to spending $2 or $4 for one coffee per working day, which adds up quickly. Monthly Savings: $40+

8. Sell High – When your stocks go up in value (perhaps well above their previous highs), and you’re thinking, “Yes! I’m finally about to become a millionaire,” stop being such a moron and take your cash while you can. Letting your portfolio of stocks plummet in value is a really easy to lose a lot of money you saved or earned elsewhere. Don’t screw it up after all that hard work and success. If you don’t want to follow your investments daily, set sell-stops so that you don’t have to follow so closely. But regardless, don’t just sit around and lose your shirt. Monthly Savings: Only you know this number

9. Learn to Cook Gourmet – Cut out one fancy dinner per week and you’ll easily save $200 a month, especially if you like to entertain guests. If you’re relying on restaurants to be impressive, note that people like it better when you prepare it all yourself too. You’ll save money and get unexpected social benefits. Monthly Savings: $200+

10. Make Your Own Wine/Beer – The first kit won’t save you much money, but it will still be cheaper than any sale in town. Subsequently, wine will cost you approximately $2/bottle and beer even less. Making wine or beer is best done in good company (as your drinking should be!) Aside from ensuring fun throughout the whole process, if you combine forces with several people who each do their own kit and you all split the results, you’ll each get a variety of products and minimize the risk of one or two ruined batches. Depending on how much you drink and how much you pay, this can save a little or a lot.

11. Eat Vegetarian at Least Two Days a Week – Face it: meat costs more than vegetables. Deciding to eat vegetarian two days a week requires no major life changes or principled stands. It simply saves you the consumer costs of paying for a massive industrial meat industry that can still put dead pigs, chickens and cows into your intestines the other 5 days of the week. Double your savings (and the health benefits of a balanced diet, which for most people means eating more basic veggies like fresh carrots) by jumping to four days a week. Again, this requires no principled stands about hugging trees or wearing bell-bottoms. It just saves you money and likely balances your diet at the same time. Monthly Savings: $50-$100

12. Use Public Transportation – Total cost of ownership of a car is typically well above $5/day, which is the maximum most people would spend on public transit for a day. Insurance, repairs, maintenance, and gas add up in a hurry. This transition is especially effective if you’re sharing a vehicle with others, like most families. Dropping one car from a multi-vehicle family is usually fairly painless, since the car is still there for things that really need a car. Monthly Savings: $100+

13. Car Pool – Ignoring total cost of ownership, just look at daily gas and parking costs for driving individual cars to work. This can easily be $5 per day, though for many will be over $10. Even driving only 10 working days per month instead of 20, that cuts costs in half. Monthly Savings: $50+

14. Pay Off Credit Card Debt – Shockingly, some people still carry a balance on their credit cards. Despite legions of math teachers, bankers, and friends with common sense warnings over many YEARS to the contrary, some people do not pay their full credit card bill at the end of each month. They pay the minimum instead, or the “Pay This Month” amount. This is a very expensive error. If you do not pay your full credit card bill each month, try explaining why you do this in a real face-to-face conversation and see what they have to say. If you have to carry debt, fine, but find a different way to do it. Monthly Savings: Only you know this number

15. Buy Next Year’s Christmas Decorations in January – Why pay November’s inflated prices when the same boughs and ribbons go for clearance pricing in January? This only works if you commit to not buy more in fall. Savings: Only you know this number

16. Find a Flat-mate / House-mate – Split several costs in half or reduce them further by adding more people. This really adds up. Monthly Savings: $300+

17. Start a Change-Jar for Loose Coins – Promise yourself not to spend it until it reaches $100. What you’re really doing is converting $1 here or $2.50 there that you would otherwise blow on gum or a bevy into $100. This is simple self-discipline. Monthly Savings: $20+

18. Turn Off Lights & Unplug Appliances When Not In Use – If you pay your own power bill, do the math and imagine cutting 10-30% off the monthly total. Electronics and appliances can still draw power even when they aren’t turned on, so unplug things between uses. Monthly Savings: Only you know this number

19. Park Several Blocks From Your Destination In A Cheaper Spot – Parking costs rise along with demand. Often, by parking just a few blocks away from the hubbub, you can drop parking charges by several dollars. Imagine saving $4 over 20 working days a month. Monthly Savings: $80+

20. Set Up A New Bank Account And Automatically Divert $5/Week There – Will you really miss that $5? Really? Will the world really stop turning? Likely not. Depending on your situation, you can bump this number up quite aways. The key is to keep this money in a separate new bank account, forcing you to refrain from spending the money on other things. This will seem like work for the first several weeks, then will magically seem like the best idea in the world once the new account starts to grow. Monthly Savings: Depends on your weekly number

21. Bike To Work – Simple math: no car, no parking, no insurance, no repairs, no gas. Plus, there is no hassle of a car pool or public transit. Plus, you’ll feel like a million bucks once exercise makes its way back into your daily routine. Monthly Savings: $100+

22. Eliminate All Purchased Drinks Until You Reach $100 – If you don’t like long-term projects, this is a simple short-term commitment. Every time you normally would have bought a coffee, soft drink, beer, tea, or something else, put the price of the bevy aside into a different place. Actually removing bills or coins from your jeans and putting them into another separate container is important here. Savings: $100

23. Cancel Your Gym Membership and Exercise Outside – Most people use the gym as a motivational technique more than anything else. There are many ways to do cardiovascular exercise outdoors, even in winter. Weight-training and other exercises can also often be done elsewhere, even with minimal equipment. Maybe you’re the type of person who really does need to go to the gym for fitness, but then again, maybe you’re the type of person who’s looking for a spare $100 in their pocket. Monthly Savings: Depends on your gym

24. Review All Insurance, Utility & Monthly Bills For Savings – The goal here is not to eliminate all monthly premiums or bills, but rather to make sure that you’re not paying for things you don’t need or want. Yes, this is boring, but monthly bills add up quickly. If you’d be unable to describe the broad strokes of your insurance policies to a friend, you’re due for a review. Monthly Savings: Only you know this number

25. Replace Impulse Snacks with Bulk Equivalents – Instead of spending $2 or $3 for a personal-sized snack, buy the family pack for $5 and spread it out over several days. Or, switch from a name-brand snack to items from a bulk-bin equivalent. If you don’t do this, you are throwing out $$’s for convenience. Or, you are throwing out $$’s because you can’t discipline yourself to only eat 100 grams of a 500 gram package. Either way, if you’re serious about saving $100, this is a no-brainer. Put the savings into your coin jar and soon you’ll have $100. Monthly Savings: Only you know this number

26. Plan Outdoor Self-Powered Vacations – You’re already paying for National Parks in your taxes, so why not use them? Try camping instead of hotels. By choosing outdoor holidays and activities that self-powered trekking through nature, you can save a ton of money. This includes hiking, swimming, canoeing, mountain biking, climbing, etc. The extra perks like physical fitness and an appreciation for Earth are pretty cool too. Savings: Only you know this number

27. Make Your Own Cards – Instead of paying $5 or $10 on pre-made birthday, holiday, or other cards, spend a few minutes to save the money instead. Gathering supplies for home-made cards is very inexpensive, even if adding stickers, ribbons, paints, sparkles, or other flashy extras. The recipients will love the cards more than any pre-made card, provided that you actually try to make the card nice. Even if you’re not an artist, the personal touch overcomes any rough edges. If you have a large family, this pays off in no time. Savings: Only you know this number

28. Start Plants from Seeds – Rather than growing garden plants, flowers, or ornamentals from a nursery, simply start the plants from scratch. Seeds are dirt cheap. All you need then is knowledge, sun, water, soil, and a little patience. Savings: Only you know this number

29. Replace Branded Household Cleaners with Generics – Many household cleaning substances can be replaced with vinegar, water, baking soda, and other common yet inexpensive bulk products. Many library books and websites share information on the topic. At the same time that you’re saving money, you’ll also be reducing the number complex chemicals in your home. Savings: Only you know this number

30. Buy Clothes Out Of Season – Buy heavy sweaters in summer, shorts in December, and so on. Big savings are available for anyone who can think ahead. Savings: Only you know this number

31. Reduce Your Cell Phone Usage – With minimal discipline, you can alter your usage so that your minutes fit into the phone company’s most basic plan. Make longer calls from a flat-rate-usage line or switch to VoIP. Tell callers that you’ve only got a few minutes to chat. Let blabby callers go to voicemail and call them back at a time when you know they’re too busy to blab. There are lots of ways to keep a cell in your pocket at the minimum monthly rates. Monthly Savings: $20+

32. Delay Technology Purchases Until the Price Drops – Emerging technology starts out really expensive, then gets dirt cheap only months later. Stable technology like guitar amplifiers, toaster ovens, or earphones maintain their price over time, but new things like the fastest computer, best visual display, or smallest/lightest new whatchemacallit can drop in price in almost no time. If you really want that newest item everyone’s talking about that just came out that costs $4000, why not wait 10 months until it only costs $3000? That’s like getting a free $100 every month for 10 months. This logic doesn’t work in every scenario, but if you’re reading this list AND considering buying a new gadget that’ll be much cheaper in six to twelve months, you might want to consider your strategy. Applied to multiple purchases over many years, this is an easy way to save thousands of dollars but still have lots of toys. Savings: Only you know this number

33. Stop Getting Sick – Sick days away from work, expensive symptom-masking drugs, prescription drugs, getting to appointments, and generally needing to “lay low for a few days” can get really expensive. Why not just avoid getting sick with new silver? This silver solution is outstanding for eliminating germs, meaning that the germs can’t make you sick. Just use as directed and avoid most of the avoidable costs of being sick.

34. Slash Cosmetic Spending – Lots of people put masking and coloring agents on their faces to look nice. Instead of getting caught in the downward spiral of spending on masking agents that actually cause more skin damage, thus requiring even more masking agents, why not just have healthy skin? The easy way to do this is to use silver gel on your acne or blemishes, helping your skin actually heal so that it looks great on its own (without being masked). Structured silver liquid can be misted on several times a day as well for maintenance after the gel’s heavy lifting is finished. Drinking the liquid can help get at root infections that are causing surface blemishes too. Lots of women have reported this to work – why not permanently cut your make-up bill? (… and have an easy, beautiful, natural glow!) Savings: Only you know this number.




That’s It!

Now Get Rolling!


You’ve just read over 100 ideas for putting an extra $100 in your jeans.

What comes next is up to you!


The 100 ideas listed above were just ideas. They were not suggestions nor prescriptions for what you should do next. Only you can decide what you will do next! This list is just a list of ideas to get your own brainstorming going.

However, you are about to hear one single suggestion for what you should do next.

These 100 ideas are ideas, not suggestions for what you should do! This list is worthless on its own unless YOU decide to take this one suggestion seriously and start actually making $100!

So, here it is, 100 Ways to $100′s one single suggestion for you to actually go out and make $100: figure it out for yourself.

That’s right: figure it out for yourself.

Only you can make $100 for yourself.

No one or nothing else can do it for you. Only you know what you are best at, what you are capable of, and what your situation is. Only you know how quickly you need $100 and what levels of risk you want to take to get it. Only you know whether saving, earning online, starting a micro-business, trying to find it, or even begging is right for you. It is time for you to get thinking and figure this out for yourself.

And you can do it.

To get you started in this, of course, you’ve just read over 100 ideas. 100 ideas! But you still need to figure out what YOU are going to do for yourself.

Yes, you’ve got 100 ideas to use as a starting point, but it is now time for you to come up with your own ideas.

So, to take this one suggestion seriously (to figure out how to make $100 for yourself), grab a pen and paper and start writing your own ideas down now. Make a list of your own top 1, top 3 or top 10 ideas. Borrow ideas from the list of 100 above, sure, but realize that you are making your own list of ideas for you to make $100.

Do whatever it takes to get yourself out of the “reading” mode and into “doing.” Without action, you’ll need extraordinary luck to end up with $100 in your pocket!

So get out there, have fun, and start figuring out how to make $100!!

There’s no time like RIGHT NOW to get started!!!!




Bonus Section: Ten More Ideas For Making Money!

As if 100+ ideas weren’t enough, here are ten more…

These ideas are a little more complex and may not be helpful if you’re in a terrific hurry, but it doesn’t hurt to brainstorm!

Some of these require that you already have some spare money or they involve a longer-term plan. Regardless, it’s a bonus section, so there’s nothing lost even if you can’t start working on ideas like this for the first few months!


1. Invest At A Higher Interest Rate – Check around at different banks for different interest rates on savings and checking accounts. If you’ve got some money lying around or you’ve got significant cashflow, this is one way to add $$ on a passive basis. Note that the idea is NOT to move money into other investments like mutual funds or bonds, but simply to swap out a low-interest bank account for a new bank account. Other investments (stocks, bonds, etc.) get really tricky in a hurry and are a whole different subject…

2. Get an Education & a Good Career – This is probably the best idea on this entire document. If you’re able to turn yourself from a low-wage earner to someone with higher earning potential, you will reap rewards throughout your career. The key to getting started in many careers is eduction, for two reasons. First, for you to actually learn ways of thinking, facts, and general paradigms. But secondly, and this is equally important, to prove to a stranger that you’re qualified for a well-paying position. Many people feel that they are educated and smart, yet they do not have the letters behind their name to prove their abilities to a stranger, business, or organization. If you’re able to get an good education, preferably an excellent one that provides excellent credentials at the end of the tunnel, you’ll be in good shape for a long time.

3. Keep $100 Cash in an Emergency Fund – If you came looking in this list for a quick $100, imagine how much easier your life would be if you just kept a $100 emergency fund that you could borrow from. Of course, you’d have to pay it back ASAP so that it would be there again the next time you need it, but just think about it. Instead of wondering how to make a quick $100, why not concentrate on how to build your personal $100 Emergency Fund so that next time you’ll have an instant solution to your needs?

4.Learn to Write Great Sales Copy – Sales copywriting is a style of writing that moves a reader toward wanting to buy something. It is very different from writing an essay, expressing feelings in a journal, writing poetry, technical writing for a gadget manual, or just about any other form of writing you probably already know how to do. Writing sales copy is a unique form of writing that companies are constantly paying people to do. Excellent sales copywriters never lack for work, odd jobs, or requests for help. Yet, it is a skill that anyone can learn. To learn more, Google “online copywriting course” or check out this website:

5. Discipline Yourself to Spend Less than You Earn – This is a life pattern that will help you out forever. If it was easy to follow, fewer people would be desperate for $100. It may not always be fun, but this is the only tried-and-true way to build savings. You’ll be tempted to make exceptions (“I just need to spend $___ for ___, just this once.”), but that is a violation of the rule. In fact, it is the exceptions that will get you into trouble.

6. Find a Free Hobby – Or better yet, a hobby that pays. Like playing a musical instrument, painting, woodworking, or growing flowers. Even if you don’t get paid for your activities, any hobby that breaks even at the worst is likely going to help your overall financial picture. If you spend 10 hours a week on a hobby that costs you nothing, imagine what other expensive habits you won’t be filling those same 10 hours with?

7. Find Frugal Friends – If you friends are always blowing money or choosing expensive lifestyles, guess what you’re going to want to do too? Either through explicit pressure to spend money, implicit situations where you need to pony up, or simply altering your personal expectations for your life, your friends make a huge impact on your own finances. Got a friend who wants to go to the game or the concert or the mall or the ____? Say goodbye to $50 or $100. Got a friend who just wants to get together to play cards and shoot the breeze? That’s $$-neutral. Or someone who wants to go for a bike ride? Again, $-neutral. Got a different friend or neighbor who wants to spend the weekend working on a backyard project that will double as a small business? Say hello $50 to $100 somewhere down the line. You get the picture – the people you surround yourself with impact how much money you have.

8. “Intend” For Money to Appear in Your Life – You know, believe that money will manifest itself and create the mental or emotional readiness for prosperity. This concept is all over the media and the Internet It is a good technique, but is best applied in combination with more nuts-and-bolts techniques. Emotional Readiness + A Pragmatic Approach = Real Results.

9. Move to a Different Country – Sometimes, when a person says “I need $100”, what they’re really saying is “I’m bored” or “I wish I could afford a little more luxury.” Moving to a new country is one way to accomplish both tasks, assuming you’re moving from an affluent country to a developing country where many expenses are much lower. Of course, you can also get scammed, waste time, absorb pollution, and other have bad experiences abroad, so this is hardly a guaranteed method for “making $100.”

10. Prayer – Hey, you never know…